Ureteral stent manufacturers

Used for stenting the urethra after Hypospadias asepispadias repair & to provide post operative drainage of the Bladder. The introduction of the Ureteral Stent Manufacturers for stenting the urethra after the Hypospadias asepispadias repair and thereafter providing post operative drainage of Bladder has changed the traditional approach by becoming an alternative to the palliative treatments or urethroplasty. Its main features which make it unique are:

  • It is less traumatic device for the patients and hence has a smooth surface.
  • To ensure the comfort of the patient, it makes use of a soft polyurethane material.
  • In order to maintain a better visualization, it is highly radiopaque.
  • To ensure an easy insertion it is manufactured with a tapered end.
  • Specialized manufacturers and distributers deal in this product. It comes in open ended and closed ended types. The various sizes which it comes in are 6-16 Fr, L: 25 cm & Length 25 cm.
  • The continuous innovations in this area have scope for better stent design, stent coating and composition material.


  • Smooth surface being less traumatic
  • Soft Polyurethane Material for patient comfort
  • Highly radiopaque for better visualization
  • Tapered end - for easy insertion