Ureteral Dilator

Modern world has a very comfortable way of living. But the changes in this modern way of living have significantly increased many diseases like urological problems due to lack of a healthy living. One of the diseases which have caught up is formation of stones in the kidney. This usually happens due to non absorption of calcium or the uric acid inside the body. Henceforth, the increased usage of Ureteral Stent has come into picture. Trusted manufacturers and distributers supply this premier product to specialized hospitals that cater to this particular problem for their patients.

Ureteral Stent Manufactured in different diameters and gauges, this product when used on adult patients, has a length (of the stent) of in between 24 to 30 cm. The particular device is used to make sure and completely clear the passage of the ureter which might be blocked or compromised due to an obstruction caused due to the kidney stone. It might also be used to remove tumour from a patient’s kidneys and is one of the best products available to treat this problem of the kidney.


  • Smooth surface for ease of introduction
  • Special atraumatic design


  • 40cm


  • 8Fr to 22Fr